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Bike Maps

Riding your bicycle to work improves your health, reduces congestion, and is good for the environment.    

Bike Route & Trails Maps

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Know the lingo

Bicycle Route
A shared roadway which has been designated by signs as a preferred route for bicycle use. These roadways have a wide curb lane of at least 14 feet.

Bicycle Lane
A portion of a roadway that has been assigned using striping, signs, and pavement markings for the use of bicyclists. The width of a bike lane is at least four feet.

Shared-Use Path
A bikeway physically separated from motorized vehicular traffic by an open space or barrier and either within the highway right-of-way or within an independent right-of-way. Pedestrians, skaters, wheelchair users, joggers, and others may use the shared-use paths. The minimum width is 12 feet of paving for bidirectional travel with a minimum of a two-foot shoulder on each side.

Bicycle Compatible Street/Road
This has at least 14 feet between the land line and the curb to accommodate shared lane travel between drivers and cyclists.

Child Riding Bike

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