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Get Certified

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title II, Section 223, provides Paratransit services to individuals who, because of their disability, are unable to travel on the fixed route system operated by RTC. The ADA of 1990 specifically outlines the criteria to be used by transit agencies when determining eligibility for ADA Paratransit services.

This service is designed to provide those with disabilities equal access to public transportation. You may be eligible for the service if, because of a disability:

  • You cannot independently travel to/from fixed route stops.
  • You could use an accessible fixed route vehicle, but the route that would be used is not accessible.
  • You cannot independently navigate the system even though you can board the bus.

Eligibility for RTC ADA Paratransit Services is not a medical decision or something that can be prescribed by your physician. It is primarily a transportation decision. All who request eligibility for paratransit service must be certified, which may entail an in-person interview and possible functional assessment. Each applicant is evaluated independently based on ADA requirements.

If you believe you qualify for RTC ADA Paratransit Services, you will be required to complete the RTC Paratransit Application, which you can request by calling 702-676-1815.  You will be provided with a self-addressed envelope to mail the application back upon completion.  Please wait 7 days from the date you send the application to call 702-676-1815 to determine whether you will require an in-person evaluation.


Reduced Fare

The RTC offers reduced fares for veterans, youth (6-17 years) / students (K-12), senior citizens (60 and over), persons with disabilities, Medicare eligible persons, and Mobility Trained customers. Passengers are required to present their reduced fare transit I.D. photo card, current school (K-12) student identification card, Veterans reduced fare I.D. card or Medicare card when paying a reduced fare and purchasing or using a reduced fare pass.

Eligible riders may apply for the RTC reduced fare ID card at the Bonneville Transit Center. The forms of identification listed below will be honored to prove eligibility.